6 Blogging Rules Everyone Should Follow

Blogging got you down?

Alright, so you’ve decided to start blogging.  You have great ideas in your head, but have a hard time putting them on paper, after all how hard could it be?  It’s not,  follow these 6 rules and you’re sure to see success!

1. Keep it short

Your blog posts shouldn’t be longer then 300-400 words.   Nobody likes to read a Charles Dickens Novel. Nobody online at least!

2.  Tell a story, be interesting

Instead of blogging about your company and products, you should be writing about industry best practices and answering common customer questions about higher level product issues. This content will not only help increase search traffic but also drive better quality prospects to your business’ website.

3. Use 1 keyword in the title, and 1 in the body

When writing your blog, write a great title.  It should have 1 keyword, which is also mirrored in your body text.  This will boost your SEO reach, getting you a bigger audience.

4. Use Images

You need an image that is related to the article you are writing.  Ensure that this image is something people want to look at.

5. Make 1 major point in your blog, not multiple

Don’t confuse your readers…  If you have lots of stuff to say about a topic, break it up into multiple blogs.

 6. Add a call to action at the end of your blog

If you really know your stuff, it will resonate with your reader.   You already have their trust, why not make some money?  Creating effective calls to action is the key.  Some examples are:  ( Buy Now, Get your FREE Trial…)


EDIT (October 1, 2015): Ironically, this post has no call to action. Why? We migrated our site to a new design, and some elements were removed, including our shortcodes for CTA’s.  S’all good.

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