Say hello to hassle-free WooCommerce maintenance!

Tired of the update-and-pray routine? We’ve got your back – no more update-induced sweats!

Our team of digital superheroes ensures your WooCommerce store is always up-to-date, bug-free, and ready to impress your customers. Monthly updates? Done. User experience testing? You bet. Store uptime? Like clockwork. Plus, we play nice with your code on GitHub, keeping everything in tip-top shape. We’ll also keep you in the loop with a monthly detailed report!

So, kick back, sip some coffee, and let us handle your WooCommerce maintenance.

How many orders do you have per month?

500 2,500 10,000 25,000 50,000 +
For stores making up to 500 orders per month $ 349 Monthly
More than 50000 orders/month
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Saucal WooCommerce maintenance

Monthly updates

Every month, we roll up our sleeves to update your plugins, theme, and the WooCommerce core. We don’t just hit ‘update’ and hope for the best. We’ve got a whole process in place to guarantee your store stays online and glitch-free.

Real-world testing

We put your site through a series of practical tests to guarantee that your store’s virtual doors are open to welcome customers with no hiccups.

Eagle-eye monitoring

We’re always watching over your site, making sure it’s behaving exactly as it should, 24/7.

Dealing with bugs

Sometimes, things get a bit tricky post-update. If we spot major issues, we’ll hold off on updating the live site and get straight to fixing things up, estimating the time and cost needed. More often than not, though, we can sort out any snags within our standard maintenance routine.

License renewals for plugins

When it’s time to renew licenses for your premium plugins, we’ll let you know straight away and help you go about getting those new license keys.

You’re in control with GitHub

Using your existing GitHub repo (or setting up a new one for you), we make sure you’re always in the driver’s seat. You can check in on the code, see what we’re doing, and be confident that everything’s ticking along nicely.

Step by step:
How we get it done right, every time!

Making sure your WooCommerce site runs flawlessly is a task we take seriously. That’s why we’ve developed a thorough, step-by-step approach to maintain and optimize your online store:

We start by ‘freezing’ your website’s current code. This means we take a snapshot of how everything is at that moment – all the settings, the current versions of plugins, themes, and the WordPress core. 

Next, we set up a staging environment. This is essentially a clone of your live site, a sandbox where we can play around without affecting your actual website. It’s like having a rehearsal space for a play, where we can try out different scenes (in this case, updates) without the audience (your site visitors) seeing the behind-the-scenes work.

In the staging environment, we begin applying the updates. We start with plugins, move to the theme, and finally update the WordPress core. As we apply each update, we’re on the lookout for any immediate red flags. This could be anything from a plugin not working correctly to changes in the site’s layout or functionality.

We use a series of automated tests to quickly identify any glaring issues. These tests are designed to mimic common user interactions and site functionalities. Alongside automated tests, we also do manual testing. This is where our team gets hands-on, navigating the site as a user would, checking for anything out of place or not working as it should.

Our testing isn’t just surface-level. We look at how the site performs under different conditions, check compatibility between various plugins and themes, and ensure that all features and functionalities work seamlessly post-update.

Once we’re confident that everything in the staging environment is working perfectly, we prepare to replicate the process on your live site. We understand that your website being down, even for maintenance, can be a disruption. So, we aim to limit downtime to 15-30 minutes. Plus, we schedule these updates during your site’s off-peak hours to minimize the impact on your visitors and business operations.

After the updates are successfully applied, we compile and send you a detailed maintenance report with exhaustive information about your online store’s health. It’ll also give you a clear understanding of what was done, why it was necessary, and how it contributes to the overall performance of your WooCommerce site.

This is all, in turn, powered by our unique, cutting-edge solution – RADAR!

RADAR – a blend of automation, expertise, and a relentless focus on maintaining and optimizing your WooCommerce store

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