Hubspot to WordPress Conversion

Replacing HubSpot with WordPress

Convert Hubspot to WordPress and save thousands of dollars. Everything from landing pages, calls to action, lead tracking, and more.

Don’t get me wrong – HubSpot is great software. They also have great training. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without them. However, if you’re a WordPress person, HubSpot doesn’t cut it.  I prefer all of my content to be inside of one, self-hosted ecosystem.  Here I break down how I replaced HubSpot inside of WordPress for a fraction of the cost.

Blogging (free)

This is easy – WordPress is the best blogging platform.  You’ve got this covered.

Content Management System (free)

Again – easy. WordPress is an awesome CMS.  It’s also great for building robust websites.  Look at our portfolio, or Mojito Sites, they speak for themselves.

Landing Pages (free)

I’ve recently discovered WordPress Landing Pages, it’s free – and awesome.  The CEO of Inbound Now, the company who built Landing Pages, used to work for HubSpot.  He knows what he’s doing.

Features include A/B testing, and all of the analytics you need. It ties seamlessly into WP and Gravity Forms.  See it in action.

Instead of using Landing Pages, you can also build out your LP’s as standard pages. Just drop the menu and any distracting widgets.

Search Engine Optimization (free)

I use Ultimate SEO.  You can do your keyword research with Google Keyword Planner (requires AdWords account).  Also, WP is excellent with SEO.

Email Marketing and Autoresponders (paid)

The problem I have with most email marketing software is you pay for how many contacts you have, or you’re set on a monthly fee.  I’m more of a pay per use kind of guy, so I’m not forking out money when things are slow.  A lot of people recommend MailChimp.  It’s great, but it’s expensive.  A very good alternative is Campaign Monitor.  Their interface is insanely simple. Auto responders cost about 1 cent per email on the pay per use plan.  Much better compared to MailChimps 3 cents.  Campaign Monitor also integrates very well with Gravity Forms.

If you’re an agency, Campaign Monitor has an awesome program for managing your clients’ email campaigns.  You can set your own pricing, and they pay you the difference.

Calls to Action (free)

WordPress Calls to Action. I have not implemented this plugin, but if the quality is anything like Landing Pages, or Leads, it’ll be great.

Social Media (free)

BufferApp.  Super clean and super free. It works with Google+ and has an excellent Chrome extension.  The best part?  Don’t worry about scheduling your posts – it takes care of that for you.

Analytics (free)

Google Analytics.  Awesome.  Set up some goals for your desired conversion paths and you’re killin’ it.  Be sure to use the URL builder to really spruce up your results.

Lead Tracking (free)

WordPress Leads. Another nice piece of software from the boys from Inbound Now.  This thing is awesome and was the one thing I thought I was going to miss from HubSpot.  It integrates super well with Landing Pages and Gravity Forms.  It was almost too easy. See it in action.

CRM (free)

This is restricted to Gmail users only, but I absolutely love it.  We use Streak.  It’s super lightweight, and I can manage my pipelines with our entire organization. It’s also one less website to visit as it lives inside of Gmail.

Forms (paid)

I love Gravity Forms.  If you’re an agency, get the best package – because you can use it on all of your clients’ sites.  This plugin has made our lives a lot easier.  It also jives well with Campaign Monitor and Landing Pages.

Hosting (paid)

WP Engine.  The best WP hosts on the planet.  No longer do I wait up at night worrying I may get hacked. They do all of the WP updates, and daily backups.  Other awesome features include a staging server (perfect for building out new features), Git Integration and awesome user management.  Won’t build a WordPress site without it.

See how we saved a bundle?  It’s also nice to stay inside of WordPress.  We save money, and we like the software.  Win-win with no trade-offs. Leave comments below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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  1. Cool! I personally prefer WordPress than hubspot. WordPress has the most flexible, popular and costumizable content management system that has ever been created. It is by far the best CMS decision they’ve ever made and I feel very strongly that it will be for you as well. Good luck!

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