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  • Your website and the experience it provides to users will be a critical part of your success. Important questions to ask yourself regarding your website include:
    • Does my site look dated?
    • Is it optimized for mobile users?
    • How frequently do I update my content?
    • Are my calls-to-action easy to find and clear?
    • What is my average conversion rate across all channels?
  • Are there any specific search terms you would like to rank for? Any competitors we should look at?
  • As simple as it sounds, it's not uncommon for businesses -large or small - not to have a firm understanding of their target audience(s) and respective buyer personas. Having a defined market for both prospective and existing custimers can assist Saucal with targeting the right audience, with the right site design and the right key messaging, at the right time. How do you want customers to perceive you?
  • How would you like your customer to be engaged and interact with your brand? What value are you offering? Why choose to visit and interact with your Website? What tools will we use to drive new visitors versus returning visitors?
  • Do you need ability to edit your content, such as a blog ?
  • When would be the ideal time to launch your website?
    Keeping all departments communicating will help to ensure that nothing gets bottlenecked, stuck in queue, or isn’t on someone’s radar.
  • i.e. is it critical you need to see an ROI from your budget in 2 months or within 1 year? Setting this expectation right from the start will help Saucal set a strategy that aligns with your needs and expectations.
"There is almost no timezone we can't help you in!"
- Dom Sauter
Dom Sauter
This person contacted us,
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Working with Saucal has truly been a pleasure. Asides from an eye for design and many helpful suggestions at various stages of the process regarding the layout and style of our page, they have been attentive and available whenever I had questions or approached them with additional requests. They have set the bar for what I expect from web designers, and I look forward to being a return customer!

Artem Berry Profile
Artem Barry
General Manager, Barefoot Hostel
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