How to Compliment a Blog with Social Media

Social Media and Blogging

So you have written a blog about “XYZ”.  Now you want people to read it, but nobody did.  How do you get more traffic there?  Here are some simple tips for you engage a larger audience.

5 Quick Tips:

1. You’ve read Blogging Best Practices.

2. After you have written your blog, use the title of the blog in your social media push. These should be targeted keywords.

3. For every blog post, there should be Tweets, Facebook Posts, etc. for the next 3 days. 20 to 30 Tweets should be the norm.

4. If certain Tweets generate no traffic, try and re-tweet them at different times of the day.

5. You need analytics. If you’re not using Hubspot, I would recommend it. However, you can use something like (for free) to shorten the URL to your blog, while giving you some analytics on different clicks.

EDIT (October 1, 2015): The CTA on this site was removed, as we migrated to a new design.

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