The 3 Pillars for Inbound Marketing

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1. Get Found

Getting found could be tricky, but the key to unlocking success is through content creation.  Tactics like blogging, social media marketing (Tweeting, Facebookin’, etc..) and search engine optimization play a large factor in the quantity and the quality of your traffic.

2. Convert

Now that you have visitor traffic heading to your site, you cannot waste your efforts.  The viewer needs to be buying or subscribing to something.  Capturing someone’s information is extremely important here.  If you are successful at capturing information, you have increased your likelihood of making a sale ten-fold.  The trick is to now create a nurturing campaign. What is that?

“Automatically trigger timed follow up emails based on your leads’ behaviour.”

Food for thought:  it takes approximately 5 to 6 exposures to a product before a prospect turns into a customer.  Knowing this, nurturing your prospects through email marketing is integral to your marketing efforts.

3. Analyze

For inbound marketing to be effective you need metrics and analytics on everything.  We use a combination of Hubspot, Google Analytics, Zopim, Call Tracker and Jetpack.  This might look like overkill, but as a marketing professional, you really can’t have enough metrics to help you get your job done effectively.

  • How did your leads find you?
  • Users interaction history
  • A/B testing of your landing pages
  • Entry and exit pages


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