Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions

When speed makes all the difference.

The Customer

Lens Distortions offers world-class cinematic assets including original music, SFX, and visual assets for filmmakers. It is a pioneer of modern cinematic music built specifically for filmmakers. Customers select an annual or monthly membership to access assets. Lens Distortions has also developed an app called LD: Cinematic Content Creator. Their cinematic sound effects are used in a lot of cool movies today, including: Batman, Stranger Things, and the Adam Project, along with countless agency, wedding, and freelancer projects.

The Challenge

“We were tired of our site being slow. There were website performance issues stemming from years of using the Divi Theme, a visual page builder that was bloated after years of additions,” explains Craig Nashleanas, Co-Founder, Lens Distortions. “We needed a web developer to customize a new theme to our exact design mockups. We also wanted specific Woo customizations for the My Account section and to make sure our billing mechanisms were in top shape for our new subscription business model.”

The Stakes

  • Lens Distortions needed a much faster eCommerce store. They were using the Divi Theme, but it was really starting to slow down due to the additions Lens Distortions had made over the years.
  • They also required extended Woo/WP/Kadence to support functionality for subscriptions, billing, and downloads.
  • Next, content had to be transferred from the old site to the new website.
  • Finally, Lens Distortions needed new best practices and a better theme architecture.


Experience and knowledge

“Saucal is one of the most experienced Woo devs out there.”

Focused on speed and performance

“We have a significant increase in site speed, directly attributable to Saucal’s rebuild.”

Responsiveness and communication

“Saucal was responsive throughout the process and we appreciated using Slack and ClickUp to communicate and see progress. We had weekly – and often daily – dialogue through Clickup and Slack”


“They are really nice people who clearly enjoy what they are doing.”

Honesty and openness

“Saucal was very honest and willing to talk through any concerns.”


  • Rebuilt Lens Distortions’ site to match their design mockups.
  • Made crucial fixes to massively improve site speed and performance.
  • Extended Woo/WP/Kadence to support functionality required for subscriptions, billing, and downloads.
  • Designed and built custom plugins to centralize functionality, improved Gutenberg Blocks performance, and track Facebook events on the server side.


  • A dramatic increase in site speed and performance, due to Saucal building a new theme based on the Kadence Theme.
  • Improved site performance with the installation of new custom plugins created by Saucal. These plugins included: Core, to centralize functionality; Custom Blocks for improved Gutenberg Blocks performance, and Facebook Tracker Events, to track Facebook events on the server side.

Saucal is very honest and willing to talk through any concerns. We were happy with the outcome.


Getting all of our important content from the old site to the new one was a challenge. We just had to muscle through that on our end. Sometimes wrangling Woo to do what we wanted was a challenge, which Saucal ultimately figured out ways to do.