You know how I know you’re a n00b?

I see a lot of agencies these days pivoting into WordPress (WP).  For example, I listened to a podcast for an unnamed company that specializes in Magento development.  When I searched for the interviewees Linkedin profile, I noticed his profile listed “Creative eCommerce Company, *Magento and WordPress” ((This is written with a lowercase p.)).  This is after hearing an interview, where he specifically said “the majority of what we do is Magento.”  So, why is WordPress listed?

Well, that’s where the money is. So, people feel the need to jump ship.  Unfortunately, knowing WordPress takes time. Experience needs to be built.   Though most say they have skills, they really don’t.

Anyhow, back to my point.  You know how I know you’re a n00b?  capital P dangit.

I could ignore a spelling mistake.  But saying WordPress ((Again, with a lowercase p. See what’s going on here?)), instead of WordPress?  There is a function inside of WP that corrects this exact fuck up. So, you know how I know you’re a n00b?  Because you don’t know WordPress functions.


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