Stop twiddling with CSS, do some math

I’m not sure what it is about web design (maybe it’s all industries), but there always seems to be a group of people who think they can do everything. Those guys who should be doing their job, but instead are trying to edit their own website to “save money.”

So, let’s figure this out. Saucal will bill you $200 per hour to make changes. Most small changes will take us less than an hour. So, $200 + tax, finished.

Let’s assume a sales rep decides, instead of making calls, or you know, improving his pipeline, he decides to edit a website. From our experience, they’ll contact us for a ton of information, and attempt to get started. Usually within 1-2 hours we get an email saying “the site is broken, can you fix it?” So, we do (because we have tons of backups in place). From there, they usually twiddle for at least 5-10 hours, usually to no resolve. OR, they do come to a resolve, and they’ve produced an abomination.

So, let’s do the math:

  1. Hourly rate for the sales rep (lets guess) at $25 an hour. At 5 hours, this is $125, at 10 hours, this is $250 (I’m not even going to factor in payroll taxes, etc, so the real cost to the business owner is closer to 2x).
  2. Potential business lost because your sales rep wasn’t doing his job: tough to measure, but as a business owner you should be thinking about this.
  3. Quality of your website: it’s gone down. This is an accumulative thing, yea. Wanna know how much it’s gonna cost for us to fix it in the future?

Seriously, people: just pay your web developer and focus on running your business.

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