Saucal Selected as WordPress VIP Silver Agency Partner

Open-source and powering more than ⅓ of the internet, WordPress isn’t just the dominant engine, it also encapsulates everything that is good and right about digital. So it feels like we’ve arrived, now that we are one of a select few that have been chosen as a WordPress VIP Silver Agency. Essentially, that means that we are a preferred vendor, a digital agency that the people behind WordPress think are among the best. 

Now, we don’t want to brag (we kinda do), but who are we to disagree with WordPress VIP? And let’s face it, every thriving digital business needs a great eStore, and that’s what we do better than almost anyone else on the internet.

Saucal is a Certified WooExpert agency, and we specialize in building eCommerce sites that make money. In fact, we came to WordPress VIP via the good folks at WooCommerce who, let’s face it, also know a thing or two about building profitable eStores. 

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Our relationship with WordPress VIP feels like a marriage made in heaven. After all, WordPress VIP powers some of the top-ranking sites owned by some of the most profitable businesses in the world.  WordPress VIP has brought us in because they want to keep their customers happy. And we take that responsibility very seriously.  

We pride ourselves on our proprietary and innovative billing model, one that is completely transparent, ensuring our customers know exactly where they are in the process and the budget at all times. We bill in weekly “sprints” and issue regular reports because we believe that communication is key.   

“We remember what it was like to be the customer in search of a great digital agency that could build us the eStore we needed,” said Mitchell Callahan, co-founder and CEO of Saucal. 

“When we couldn’t find one, we realized that filling that void was an even greater business opportunity than the one we were working on, and we became the agency we had been so desperate to hire,” added Dominik Sauter, co-founder and CFO of Saucal. 

Now, we have a distributed team of some of the best developers from around the world, and we specialize in building eStores for enterprise. 

We bring a team brimming with talent and expertise, meaning you don’t have to go through the hassle and expense of hiring and training new people. You can dial up or down as needed, and, at the end of a Saucal project, brands often come away with a much better sense of what skills their next hires should have. 

Some of our clients include: 

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Stripe Logo

We are also champions of the open internet and have contributed to the cores of both WordPress and WooCommerce.   

“We believe that both publishing and commerce are best served by open-source, and that WordPress and WooCommerce epitomize everything that is good about the Internet,” said Callahan.

We believe that both publishing and commerce are best served by open-source, and that WordPress and WooCommerce epitomize everything that is good about the Internet.

“We tell all of our clients to go open-source only because, if you don’t, you risk some third party shutting you down or having a say over how you run your business. It’s just too dangerous to go with proprietary solutions,” agreed Sauter. 

“Being a WordPress VIP vendor is a great privilege — and it comes with responsibilities we won’t take for granted,” said Callahan. “We’re honored to help WordPress in its mission to fuel the growth and success of the people they serve and to champion the possibilities of open-source.”

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