Samuel Gomes

The Five Eyes


Your job title?


Which languages do you speak?

Português, English, Poquito de Español

Which languages do you write?

Javascript (my favorite), CSS, HTML, PHP

Where were you born?

Campinas, SP, Brasil

What was your first experience with the internet? What year was that?

Late 90’s/early 2000’s, dialing up my good-old PC to play games and enter in chat rooms. One of the first games I remember playing was the MMORPG Tibia. That was one of my first contacts with the English language, and I met people from all around the world playing it!

Who you are? What are a few key points that make you, you?

I am a learner (and will always be), a person who likes to put a smile on everyone’s face. I am a coffee drinker, who makes some badass coffee (that’s what they say out there)! I am just a small dot in the world, surrounded by awesome people, who makes my life complete!

Where in the world do you like to work?

There’s no place like home!

Where in the world are you now?

Paulínia, SP, Brasil

What led you to work at Saucal?

Work with the most awesome people all around the world, and to learn from the best. The challenge I was about to face, and also to work at home and spend more time next to my wife and the dogs! That’s life!

What’s the most interesting challenge you’ve worked on since joining?

The first contact with quotation is something I was unprepared for! Hahaha. Understanding the needs of the customer and put it all on the paper can be very challenging the first time you do it.

What is your favourite activity outside of work?

Travel, cook barbecue, and walk with the dogs.

What is your favourite food/beverage?

I love barbecue and pizza, and nothing is better than the smell of fresh ground coffee being prepared! I also won’t refuse a good whiskey…

Favourite quote or song lyrics they live by (or) that best reps you?

"Some will win, some will lose"
Journey – Don’t stop believin’

Most interesting story or factoid about you?

I graduated in music, despite never working with it.