Dominik Sauter

The Virtual World Evangelist


Your job title?

VP of Miscellaneous Digital Stuff & PMP

Which languages do you speak?

English, French, Swiss-German, Serbian, Robot & some Spanish

Which languages do you write?


Where were you born?

Ottawa, ON, Canada

What was your first experience with the internet? What year was that?

My first experience on the internet was with an early portal of AOL (previously known as America Online). It was what the internet shouldn't have become, and sometimes fear what it may be again... centralized portals for any of your web activities.

Where in the world do you like to work?

Almost anywhere. 5 months ago I was in Calgary, Canada, then moved to Berlin for a few months, ate lots of tapas in Barcelona then going to find some business zen in Portugal. You can say I am addicted to seeing new things and experiencing new people and cultures. I speak several languages which also helps me connect with many people.

What led you to work at Saucal?

I was in Ottawa where I started and ran a hostel, it was lovely but after living in hospitality almost my entire life, I decided I needed a new challenge. One day, I think around Canada day, Mitch and I chatted about how we would love to start a company together. A few months later I moved to Calgary and not long after Mitch came to visit me. About 6 months went by and Mitch was living in the home office. Saucal was born.

What is your favourite activity outside of work?

I love to go for a great dinner with my wife & have a few pints with my best friends Mitch and Matt.

What is your favourite food/beverage?

Spaghetti Bolognese!

Favourite quote or song lyrics they live by (or) that best reps you?

"Whoop Whoop! That’s the sound of the police."

Most interesting story or factoid about you?

I worked for Sony BMG & helped several producers with creating everything from beats to melodies. I also got arrested twice in one day completely randomly by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have the best and worst luck at the same time. I almost bought a flight on the most recent German Wings crash in the French Alps. It gives me a new outlook on things.