Managed WooCommerce
Hosting that gets it.

Get ready to boost your WooCommerce store to new heights with our premium Managed WooCommerce service. Unlike typical hosting options, it’s a top-tier, scalable, and performance-driven solution. We won’t make empty claims about being the fastest; we simply deliver the best.

Our plans are built around the Saucal Development Workflow, ensuring high security, maintainability, and scalability for your eCommerce store. We take care of the details so you can relax knowing your WooCommerce site is secure and ready to impress.

What does Saucal Managed
WooCommerce Hosting include?


Exclusive Woo hosting built for enterprises, designed in-house


Top-notch, all-inclusive maintenance for your high-caliber site.


Unparalleled results with our proprietary WooCommerce optimization system.

How many orders do you have per month?

500 2,500 10,000 25,000 50,000 +
For stores making up to 500 orders per month $ 750 Monthly
More than 50000 orders/month
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Why Our Managed WooCommerce is a Whole Different Beast

You know how superheroes discover powers they never knew they had? That’s our Managed WooCommerce service. If your site feels like it’s bursting at the seams and can’t keep up with the demands of your growth speed: we’re not just here to give you a solution; we’re here to give you THE solution. Because, let’s face it, when you’re in the eCommerce major leagues, average just doesn’t cut it.

Scalability That’s Got Your (Ever-Growing) Back

Business booming? Excellent! As it grows, so do your site’s needs. Our Managed WooCommerce doesn’t just tolerate and navigate around growth spurts: it welcomes them. We’ve designed our processes to make sure your site has the resources you need, every time, any time. Scalability isn’t just possible; we’re there to make it happen.

Upgrades Secured, Always

We’re all about ensuring your website stays at the top of its game. Our plans include monthly upgrades and security management for everything your store needs: we’ll roll out updates to your plugins, theme and WordPress core itself, run tests, and ensure your online store remains secure. With Saucal, your eCommerce site is looking sharp and performing on point, always.

Expertise like no other

As a certified WooExpert, our knowledge of building top-notch eCommerce stores is second to none, and we’re not the only ones saying it. Our Managed WooCommerce solution is built from our knowledge working with the biggest brands in the business: we’ve mastered the art of server configuration to a whole new level. We say there’s nothing like it because there really isn’t.

Performance first, every time

Settling for average? That’s not our style – and it’s exactly why we got tired of using other platforms and built our own.
Our managed hosting platform is a completely unique WooCommerce-optimized infrastructure, built specifically to give nothing but the very best performance. Because speed matters: for your clients, for search engines, and for your bottom line.

Rock-Solid Security

It’s not just going to perform, it’s also going to be incredibly safe.
Our Monthly Upgrade service, included in our plans, works on infrastructure configurations at server and CDN levels, applying security patches before they can ever become a problem. Peace of mind comes standard.

Client Shout-Outs and High-Fives

We’re more confident in our site now, thanks to Saucal’s Managed WooCommerce, and we don’t have any hesitation about pushing for our growth targets!

Leonardo Silva
CTO and Head of Product at Hello MOOD

The site seems to be noticeably faster in all aspects! We don’t have to worry about performing maintenance and possibly breaking something, and we have the assurance that our site is continually up to date.

Scott Crider
Director of Marketing at Leggari

Need more Detail? Sure, Here’s the Rundown!

Monthly Upgrades

Clicking ‘update’ is easy. But what happens next might not be what’s expected, and might throw you off your game, making you wish you’d never gone for it.

You need a bullet-proof, proven process in place to ensure your site will remain reliable and stable after every update. The more complex your site is, the more attention needs to go into it.
We’ve got this covered for you the right way, every month: we update all Plugins, your Theme, and WordPress Core in a staging environment, perform in-depth tests, validating thoroughly that the staging site continues to work properly. We only release updates to the live environment after we’re confident that things will go smoothly and your site will keep running as expected.

We’re all about transparency and direct code ownership. Using your current GitHub repository (or opening a new one for you), you’re the captain of this ship: we’ll ensure the security and portability of all the code we write for you. Keep tabs, peek under the hood, and make sure everything works well.

Theory’s cool, but reality can be different. That’s where the thrill is. We craft and execute complex tests that mimic your real-life customers, ensuring your store isn’t just open, but it’s actually ready for business!

Performance & Scalability

All our plans come with Cloudflare Enterprise Edge Caching solutions, built-in. These help serve your site to anyone in the world, from the locations closest to them. Shorter delivery journeys = shorter delivery times = best speeds ever.

We’ll implement object caching through the combination of Object Cache Pro and Redis, increasing your site’s transaction capacity and stability massively. This means that the data that requires faster and more frequent access is always at hand to be quickly served to users, allowing your site to scale with ease.

Last-minute hustle isn’t our style: prevention is better than cure. Proactively monitoring and adjusting server specs and scaling parameters based on planned sales periods, we’ll work with you to ensure that come rain or high sales, your store stands tall, ready for anything.

You want to serve all your customers, add new products to your store with great pictures, and have those crispy images in place for your next sale. You don’t want disk space or bandwidth restrictions to be a stopper for your business growth. We’re here for it: if you need that extra space, you got it!
No surprises either: we’ll tell you everything you need to know in advance when you need more space, and give you a grace period if you go over. The priority is your site’s performance, first and foremost. Every time.


Your database is hosted on an independent container. This ensures not only optimal performance but also an added layer of security, eliminating the risk of contamination.

We’ve got regular backups going, all the time, so we can help you to roll back, in case something does go wrong. But if you have a “Hold my coffee; I got a plan” moment, we’re ready to back things up on the fly. 

DDoS attacks shouldn’t be on your mind. With Cloudflare Enterprise DDoS Mitigation weaved into every plan, your site’s staying lit even if someone tries a malicious attack.

Our digital eagle eyes never blink. We’re monitoring your site constantly to make sure it’s behaving exactly the way it should. And if a hiccup occurs? We’re on it! Our standard uptime is greater than 99.9%, and that’s where yours will be, too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The simplest answer is that we take care of everything you need, included. We’ll update all your plugins, your theme, and WordPress Core in staging, perform detailed automated and manual tests, and release the updates to production once we’re happy that the site is definitely working properly.

Here’s how that works:

  • Step 1: We freeze your code, and set up a Staging environment based on the current copy of the Production site.
  • Step 2: We start applying updates on that Staging site, monitoring for any clear issues as we go through it all.
  • Step 3: We apply a barrage of automated and manual testing, to make sure nothing’s broken behind the scenes which might come out very late in the day. Tests are based on our own expertise, common use cases, and on thoroughly testing the plugins updated for any bugs.
  • Step 4: Once we’re happy everything is the way it should be, we proceed to update in the same manner on the Production site. The site will be down for 15-30 minutes during these updates, but we’ll make sure to schedule them during a specifically quiet period to minimize impact.
  • Step 5: We send you a Maintenance Report highlighting the site’s health, security, and updates applied to it.

Sometimes a few major issues or bugs can arise after updating the Staging site. In such situations, we refrain from updating the Production site if the risk is too high. However, we’ll also get right to solving it: we’ll estimate how long it’ll take to fix them and quote you for the work needed to do so, setting aside resources with the proper priority.

It’s more typical for no major issues to arise during our monthly maintenance, and that everything we discover can be taken care of within the process. Importantly, we’re always upfront and tell you what needs to be done without sugar-coating anything if that’s the case. Our job is to build and maintain your site so that it functions at the highest level, and we’ll make that happen!

During maintenance, it’s normal that some Plugins might need to have their license renewed in order to be updated, especially if their premium period has lapsed. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know which ones, how much the cost for a new license is, and how to proceed to purchase those license keys.

Our service is fully comprehensive and covers all the most important bases for you to rest assured everything is ticking the way it should, every month, with minimal intervention from your side. To keep things clear, we do have some small boundaries as to what our service includes; and our transparency policy means those are clear from the get-go:

  • A plan is for a single WordPress installation: Our packages are intended for a single application, not multiple sites.
  • Controlled FTP access: To ensure data consistency between the version control system and the deployed code of the site, we take control of FTP access, and limit it to deployment workflows only.

Controlled SSH, database access, and server-level configuration: Our Managed WooCommerce server rules and configurations are complex and interdependent. Small changes can have an impact on other non-related areas. To ensure we can offer you a stable environment, any SSH, database, and server-level configuration requests have to be routed through our team.

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