Initial Exploration

Artboard – 6
Artboard – 6

We’ll study your site’s backend, what plugins you have installed, how your theme was set up, any custom code you might have, and understand how each piece connects to each other. We need to dive deep to come up with a plan that makes sense based on your tech stack and make sure that all the proposed changes will be solid and won’t break other parts of the site. While on it, sometimes we also find other things that require attention.

As you can imagine, this is a very detailed process. So detailed that one of the outcomes is an audit doc breaking down everything we discovered and what are the proposed next steps.

After gathering all this knowledge on your site and business, along with the audit we also provide you with an estimate for the next steps (estimate is based on our hourly rate of $199 USD / $259 CAD).

We’ll also create an open channel in Slack, where you’ll have access to our team to ask questions, request work, and even get help in emergency situations (yes, we read emergency messages on Saturday nights).

The Initial Exploration has a fixed cost of $3980 USD / $5180 CAD.