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It HAD to be Right -- Right Away!

The Customer

BlueSnap is the All-in-One Payment Platform for increasing sales and reducing costs. The platform comes with everything you need built into a single account. By partnering with popular shopping carts like WooCommerce, BlueSnap offers merchants a better way to process payments.

The Challenge

When we called Saucal, we had taken that first step at doing a WooCommerce integration, and we made mistakes along the way. The development shop that we had previously hired wasn’t great, and we spent a long time going nowhere. We were rookies at being WooCommerce experts, and we were not able to capture all the opportunities because of that.”

The Stakes

  • Untapped opportunities: 4,000,000 WooCommerce sites
  • Credibility: unable to deliver on customer demand for WooCommerce plugin
  • Confidence: Sales team fatigued by the resulting lost business
  • Time: went down a rabbit hole once; needed to get it right this time


We met with Saucal who really understood that we wanted to build the best WooCommerce plugin. Saucal shared our vision, and they completely embraced what it was we wanted to accomplish.”

Tailor-made solutions

They went through our APIs with us. We had conference calls, we had meetings. They got to know our business and the specific problems we were trying to solve.”

No surprises

Once they had the lay of the land, they said ‘Okay, we know how to build it. Here’s what it’s going to cost and here’s the timeframe in which we can do it.’ And they delivered exactly as promised.”

Excellent support

If I have an issue that I need to be addressed, I can call our project manager. I can call on the CTO, I can call the CEO and say, ‘Look, I’m having this problem. Can you help me?’ Saucal’s support and follow-through has been excellent.”


A state of the art, plug and play, fully functioning multi-currency payment gateway, including support for popular Woo extensions Subscriptions and Pre-Orders, and support for Apple Pay, 3DS and Google Pay (coming soon).


  • A great product in a short period of time. Able to start generating revenue quickly, retain sales staff, and grow customer base through a robust WooCommerce plugin.

Working with Saucal means you’re dealing with real people -- not just a yes-team on the other side of the phone telling you what you want to hear or stringing you along.

Scott Ring, Director of Product, e-Commerce @ Bluesnap

Saucal understands what it takes to make a WooCommerce plugin capable of giving our customers all the payment flexibility they need. They are truly experts in what WooCommerce is, and they're willing to partner with you.

Scott Ring, Director of Product, e-Commerce @ Bluesnap

Saucal understands that we, BlueSnap, are payments experts, but we're not WooCommerce experts. On the flip side, they understand that they are WooCommerce experts, but they're not payments experts. The give and take between Saucal and myself -- and my whole team -- has been excellent.

Scott Ring, Director of Product, e-Commerce @ Bluesnap