3 Words That Need to Die in 2013

Buzzowords that need to die in 2013

1. Serial Entrepreneur
When it’s used: People trying to be cool. Often used as a job title.
What it translates to: You’ve started a lot of companies, and you can’t seem to stick to one.
Our advice: Can you pick 1 or 2 businesses and make them work?

2. Start Up Junkie
When it’s used: Often at start up events, when the person has no company to represent.
What it translates to: You have yet to build a real company.
Our advice: Similar to a serial entrepreneur, find a business that can last.

3. “Something” Ninja or Guru
When it’s used: Someone who thinks that they are better than others.  “Marketing Ninja” or “Web Guru”, even “PHP Ninja”.
What it translates to:  Nothing really.  Are you an assassin dressed in black, carrying a sword?  A Guru is a Hindu teacher.  Are you really any of those?
Our advice: The trend is over, think of something different.

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