How to elevate your WooCommerce store’s performance all year round

Black Friday is the biggest online shopping event of the year – and it continues to grow in importance year on year. In 2023, over 90 million people shopped online on Black Friday alone.

Here at Saucal we are WooCommerce experts. We understand what customers want, and we know how to deliver that. We know that good performance takes time and preparation, and we wanted to see how prepared these sites were for this big weekend.

We therefore launched a study of the biggest players in the following industries using WooCommerce:

Food and beveragesHealth, wellness, and fitnessFashion

We were looking at website performance before, during, and after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, using a series of customized tests we designed to check performance across the whole database of sites. The results surprised us. 

Our whitepaper highlights the important data for you, showing you how sites performed and where they fell short. But this isn’t just a study of a past event. We’re sharing with you expert advice on how to take this data and build on it. With our guidance, you will be able to track your own statistics and implement changes in order to give your customers the best experience you possibly can. All year round.

What you’ll learn in this whitepaper:

  • How three industries’ websites – Food, Health, and Fashion – performed before, during, and after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Our analysis of the Core Web Vitals of those sites – i.e. were their potential customers having a smooth and reliable experience or were sites slow to load? Are these sites set up well for SEO as a result?
  • Advice from industry experts on how to elevate your business’s performance all year round.