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Your business runs on layers of connected systems, in multiple locations. Your environment is constantly changing. You need an eCommerce platform that enables rapid growth, while fitting into your complex technology environment, and a partner that can make this happen.


Get something done every month



LAUNCH features, plus:
  • 20 Hours / Month Included
  • Collaborative Project Planning
  • Priority Scheduling
Monthly Plugins, Theme, and Core Updates ❓✔️✔️
Collaborative Version Control ❓✔️✔️
Additional Team Hours Available for Purchase ❓✔️✔️
Emergency Support Available ❓✔️✔️
Automated User Experience Testing ❓✔️✔️
Collaborative Project Planning ❓✔️
Priority Scheduling ❓✔️
Saucal Team Included Hours ❓20 Hours / Month
Hosting ❓WP VIP EnterpriseWP VIP Enterprise
Store Security & Access Monitoring ❓Enterprise GradeEnterprise Grade
Slack Access to Saucal Team ❓Priority ResponsePriority Response
Automated Store Uptime Monitoring ❓Every 5 minutesEvery 5 minutes
Onboarding (USD) (one-time) ❓$7,960$7,960
Monthly (USD)$999$3,999

Store Security & Access Monitoring. Learn more at

Saucal Managed WooCommerce extends your eCommerce team to give you the best in-class eCommerce development professionals 

With the experienced Saucal team at your side, you can build, grow, and accelerate your eCommerce business. 

You can finally redesign your store, handle those complex platform integrations you’ve been putting off, or finally launch the marketing automation campaigns you’ve planned for months. All of that built on top of best-in-class enterprise hosting from WordPress VIP.

Dedicated Team of eCommerce Experts

Managed WooCommerce provides you with a world-class team of experts, including:

· Product Engineer: The lead developer in charge of coding and configuration.

· Technical Reviewer: An auxiliary developer, ensuring a solid architecture and performant code.

· Product Designer: The lead designer, in charge of interfaces, interactions, and UX.

· Quality Assurance Engineer: Designs and executes tests to guarantee things are working as they should.

· Product Manager: Makes sure what we’re building addresses your most pressing business needs.

· Project Manager: Keeps you updated and ensures we deliver on time. 

Enterprise eCommerce Platform hosting with WordPress VIP

Best-in-class performance hosting

Purpose-built for WordPress, the WordPress VIP architecture is optimized for enterprise clients. Facebook, The New York Times, Salesforce, AccuWeather, TechCrunch, and many other massive digital properties rely on WordPress VIP for unparalleled scale and performance. Beyond their own data centers, WordPress VIP’s architecture includes technologies that automatically improve performance without any requirements for customer tuning. Learn more about WordPress VIP infrastructure here.

A preemptive approach to WordPress security

WordPress VIP takes security seriously and have the certification to prove it. VIP is the only WordPress platform to earn FedRAMP “authorized” status. Their data centers also meet SSAE 18 SOC 1, SSAE SOC 2 certifications. Learn more about WordPress VIP security here.

Robust, flexible, and easy to manage

Beyond the core performance of your site, WordPress VIP architecture provides everything you need to manage your site, support your DevOps processes and monitor performance. Learn more about the WordPress VIP platform here.


WordPress VIP hosting is limited to one application per plan. That means you can install either one single-site or one multi-site (with as many sub-sites as you need) in one application.

If you have more than one site, contact us and we’ll help you select the best option based on your needs.

You can read more details on product definitions and limitations on this link: (no WordPress VIP Add-Ons are included in the hosting option offered through Saucal).

The onboarding fee equals 40 hours of our team’s work. It’s used to assess your WooCommerce site, understand how every piece works together, study any custom code created for the site, create an initial documentation and code repository, as well as create the automated tests. It also includes the migration analysis and execution to WordPress VIP.

When analyzing a site to be migrated to WordPress VIP, a list of issues is created based on WordPress VIP standards and hosting rules. This list contains both migration blockers and non-blockers. Included in the onboarding fee is fixing the blockers. The non-blockers can be worked on after migration using blocks of hours purchased separately, or, if you’re in the Growth plan, using the monthly hours included with it.

If your site is in another platform other than WooCommerce/WordPress, then the onboarding will be a different process and it’s fixed at $7960 USD for any plan. In this case the onboarding will be repurposed to create a plan of action for the replatform. Get in touch with us so we can work together on the next steps.

WordPress VIP hosting is limited to one application per plan. That means you can install either one single-site or one multi-site (with as many sub-sites as you need) in one application.

If you have one multi-site with multiple child-sites, it can be migrated over to WordPress VIP under a single application.

If you have more than one single-site or multi-site, you’ll need to signup for more than one plan. Contact us and we’ll help you select the best option based on your needs.

The minimum commitment time is 12 months from signing up. You can change plans as explained in the next question.

Yes, we are flexible! You can move from Launch to Growth, and from Growth to Launch, at any time.

Awesome! Get in touch with us through the form below selecting the option Not sure, help me in the Plan box. We’ll be in touch soon!

Every month we update all the plugins, the theme, and core in staging, perform automated and manual tests, and release the updates in production if the site continues working properly. In more detail, these are procedures:

  1. We set up the test/staging environment as a copy of the production site.
  2. We update all the plugins, theme & WordPress core.
  3. We test the whole site thoroughly to make sure it’s working properly in staging. Tests are based on documentation we build on the site, common test cases, and on the plugins updated. These are covered by both manual and automated tests.
  4. We proceed with update procedures on the live site at a scheduled time (the site is down for 15-30 minutes during live updates).

Is bug fixing covered?

Sometimes a few issues can arise after updating the site. In such situations, we refrain from updating the live site if they are a maintenance blocker. If you are on the Growth plan, we use the included hours to fix those issues. If you’re on the Start or Launch plans, we estimate how long it’ll take to fix them and use blocks of hours (not included on those plans) to do it.

There’s also the possibility of no issues arising in the monthly maintenance process (the most common scenario). We’ll only know for sure after starting the maintenance procedures.

We’re always upfront and tell you what needs to be done without sugar-coating anything. Our job is to build and maintain your site so that it functions at the highest level!

Licensed plugins

During maintenance, it’s normal that some plugins might need to have their license renewed (they usually are valid for up to one year) to be updated. If that’s the case, we let you know which ones, how much is the cost for a new license, and how to proceed to purchase those license keys.

You can find even more details on our two part article “WordPress and WooCommerce Maintenance Explained“:

· Part 1

· Part 2

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