Reducing costs and increasing online sales.

The Client

Output develops music software and digital instruments for musicians, producers, and film composers. From Little John to Diplo, many Top 40 artists use its products.

The Challenge

We’d just moved from Shopify to WooCommerce,” says Brian Zarlenga, General Manager at Output. “The new platform was more flexible, but we were still paying a hefty third-party service fee for every product download. Also, not enough of our customers were coming back to complete their product bundles. Every day we had to focus on hitting the bottom line.”

The Stakes

  • Reduce dependence on costly third-party web services
  • Deliver reliable product downloads
  • Increase return customers and sales revenue


Saucal provided an interactive development process,” says Aaron Levy, Output’s Associate Director of Development during the project. “It includes clear communication through Slack and video calls, and an expertise that ultimately adds to the project in ways the customer may not have foreseen resulting in a better product than anticipated.”


Built a bundle-completion plugin that allows software users to easily purchase the products they don’t own yet.

Partnered with an app developer to create a custom download-management tool and integrate it into the purchase process.

Delivered an admin control panel that can be used without knowledge of coding languages.


  • Eliminated third-party download management fees with a custom app that paid for itself in 1 year.
  • Increased day-to-day revenue with bundle-completion plugin.

Making it easy for customers to put new purchases in their shopping cart from right inside our software products has driven an increase in day to day revenue. It’s allowed us to focus not just on hitting the bottom line, but on growing the company.

Brian Zarlenga, General Manager, Output

It's been a huge revenue-driver for us.

Brian Zarlenga, General Manager, Output

With web development, we measure success by if it works without us having to think about it. Everything we’ve done with Saucal has been successful.

Brian Zarlenga, General Manager, Output