Sheelagh Caygill

Your job title?

Head Word Nerd

Which languages do you speak?


Which languages do you write?


Where were you born?

County Durham, England

What was your first experience with the internet? What year was that?

In Edmonton in 1995 I got email at home via dial-up, with a squawky modem sitting atop a Macintosh Classic II. I thought it was fantastic that one could combine letter writing with instantaneous delivery! In 2000 I got a job as New Media Editor at The Northern Echo in England, and I truly began to understand the power of this new technology, and what could be accomplished, particularly with community participation, representation, and engagement. However, it was an uphill battle persuading many of the paper's reporters that we had to get breaking news online, despite a supportive editor. That story pretty well captures the thinking of the newspaper industry back then and the rest, as they say, is history.

Who you are? What are a few key points that make you, you?

I'm curious and some people say I ask too many questions! I love to continually learn and am always reading or listening to podcasts.

Where in the world do you like to work?

A warm, coastal location.

What led you to work at Saucal?

After having so many comms-related roles and managing teams, I realized I wanted to get back to copywriting. The thought of working for such a progressive company with - as Dom describes - the best of the best from around the world was really exciting!

What is your favourite activity outside of work?

Walking, and sometimes walking with my poodle-Havanese dog. Also listening to music, podcast interviews, reading, writing, caffeine, and going to galleries.

What is your favourite food/beverage?

No one dish. I'm exploring slow cooking recipes at the moment.

Favourite quote or song lyrics they live by (or) that best reps you?

Strong people don't put others down, they lift them up
- Michael P. Watson

Most interesting story or factoid about you?

In Toronto a few years back I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery. Coming out of the anesthetic, I groggily looked around the dimly lit recovery room and could only see darkened windows and a few computer screens. For a moment, I thought I was on a spaceship!