Luka Damjanac

Semi Pro

Your job title?

Software Engineer

Which languages do you speak?

Serbian and English

Which languages do you write?

PHP, Javascript, C/C++/C#, Java, Assembly. In that order.

Where were you born?

Novi Sad, Serbia

What was your first experience with the internet? What year was that?

Dial-up. 2001 was the year. I used to play Dota 1 on this 56/kbps internet. Back in days, if you're internet drops, you couldn't go back to the game and with the dial-up, if someone calls you over the phone, internet is gone. Let's just say that I wasn't too fond of the telephone.

Who you are? What are a few key points that make you, you?

In this field of business, I'm lead by:
- Take things slow, even if they are going to take an extra effort/time. Eventually, you'll have to do it at some point.
- Try to leave your weekends work-free whenever possible.
- Code that I make needs to be understandable by any individual. This means devoting more time to make an extra effort and go beyond excellence.

Where in the world do you like to work?

Office 70%, Home 20%, Outside 10%. I like working from an office.

What led you to work at Saucal?

For someone outside of the company, Saucal may seem no different than the rest of them. However, once you get in and meet these wonderful people, you'll know what leads you to keep going and doing extraordinary work here. So the thing that keeps Saucal awesome are the people in the company.

What is your favourite activity outside of work?

Sports. I enjoy watching soccer and I occasionally play basketball. I also hit the gym on daily basis.

What is your favourite food/beverage?

I don't really like drinking anything besides water. On the other hand, food is something that I have a vast list of favourites. Can't pick a single dish so I'll just say anything that has a good-quality meat.

Favourite quote or song lyrics they live by (or) that best reps you?

I tend to live forever. So far so good.

Most interesting story or factoid about you?

I've played basketball for a good 10 years. I always thought I'd be a professional, but I've chosen different path. I can't complain though, I'm pretty satisfied where I am currently. :)