Google Keep Screenshot

Your New Organizational Tool?

Google has just launched it’s Evernote killer, Google Keep. Google Keep allows you to: keep task lists, save photos and take text and audio notes. The interface is similar to other Google services, which makes it easy to navigate. Currently it’s available as an app on Android 4.0 or higher. You may also access it at iPhone users are stuck with the web based version for now (I’ll wait for the app). You can also color code your lists, photos and notes.

Google Keep takes on Evernote Head to Head

It looks like Google is set on gaining some of Evernote’s market share. Both do similar options, however Google lacks the ability to read text in photos.

Something to consider – the interface for Keep looks very similar to Pinterest. As Pinterest made major changes over the past couple of days (removing social sharing and links), this has potential to gain traction.


You have 2 layouts: You can view as one large column, or multiple columns. Keep also syncs with Google Drive, so it’s consistent across all platforms.

Annoying: On desktop view, when opening a note, or post, you cannot click outside of it to return to the main screen. Rather, Google has implemented a back button. The UI needs some work.

Conclusion: Google Keep is a Winner

If you have an Android device, download Google Keep now. For iPhone users, you will have to used the web-based version at Desktop users can use the same link.